Introducing The Digi-RTUTM

The Digi-RTU is an innovative add-on control to improve the energy efficiency of DX rooftop units (RTUs).

By intercepting heating and cooling calls, this unique control varies the speed of the fan and compressor to match loads while maintaining space conditions.

The Digi-RTU technology is approved for energy efficiency incentives in Connecticut by both Eversource and the United Illuminating Company.

In 2011, the American Public Power Association selected the Digi-RTU for their DEEDS Energy Innovator Award.

What The Digi-RTU Does

Controls supply fan speed (VAV)

Controls compressor speed and capacity (VRF)

Integrates air-side economizers

Manages Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)

Enables Demand Response signals

Communicates with Building Management Systems or Thermostats

Enables remote monitoring and control

Enables fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)

Digi-RTU Case Studies

Digi-RTU controls have been installed throughout the country with outstanding results. Click on the titles below to see larger images.

Digi-RTU Applications

The Digi-RTU control can be applied to various mechanical systems, including:

Packaged Rooftop Units (RTUs)
Water and Air Source Heat Pumps
Split Systems
RTUs from 4 to 50 Tons
Up to 4 stages of cooling and 2 stages of heating
Scroll and reciprocating compressors
Any BMS or thermostat interfaces

We also have a Digi-CRAC for computer room units and a Digi-VAV for controlling chilled water VAV systems.

Want to Know More?

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